Monday, 2 November 2009

Music Video Shoot

These are all still images taken from Dwarnay's new music video Need You In My Bedroom. It's released this month and I will post the full music video once it's out.
It was a long day filming for this but I made some great friends and it was a good experience. However music videos aren't for me...especially ones where you don't get fed! I don't know how some of the girls went all day without eating!

Dwarnay seemed like a really nice person, he was interested in what we all do and made us feel at ease...although I always feel at ease in front of a camera. His dancers were great and they'll be on his tour with him which started last month.

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  1. HI Kate
    Please dont believe that he is on tour his not, non of his videos get anywhere,apart from you tube, i have preformed on his last video same no food no pay all day work, and told it would be on tv, mtv the lot, it got on you tube, realy hurt, he should not do this..Please do not beleive what you hear from him. I paid train fare food expenses for 2 days and got nothing in return!!!!take care x