Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Warehouse Project

What an amazing night this was. Sunday 27th December in Manchester at The Warehouse Project with my two best friends and the worlds number 1 DJ. Words can't describe how I felt when David Guetta played his first track. His music is amazing! His light show was amazing. The atmosphere was amazing.

We were at the very front against the metal railing, you couldn't mve if you wanted to, I had enough room to throw my arms in the air and jump. I've never been to a propper udgerground rave before, but after Sunday I'd recommoend that every one should go to one at least once a year!!! The atmosphere is truly amazing and to stand at the front and turn around to see every one with their arms raised and singing to David Guetta's tracks you can't help but smile and rave even harder. It must be an amazing feeling to be the DJ on stage loking out at your fans looking at you!

I've already put a diary date in for next years Warehouse Project.

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